A yellow kite waving

I woke up facing the window from an afternoon nap and from then I was staring at a yellow kite stuck on a TV antenna above our neighbor’s house just across the street. I’ve been staring at it for a long time and the more I look at it, the more I felt triumphant. Like a war won after a decade, it felt like my flag was boastfully waving in the air. Signifying how big the battles won and how exhausting it has been.

Then I realized, I just felt relieved to be sleeping this much on a weekend after 3 weeks of crazy working. Oh, life.

You were always that star

Pretty little star.

Twinkling bright and pretty.

Laughing from afar

Smiling big and hefty.

Shown me love

like what dreams were.

Eating ice cream from the tub.

Always here always there.

By my side

but never were.

Always kind

couldn’t bear.

I always thought

I could be with a twinkling star.

I always fought

but never went far. 

All I wanted to tell you (But never did say)


I was perfectly (or not) okay that day. I was going on about just as normal as any day could have been. I woke up like normal teenagers do. Got up and then got myself ready to go out.

I hate being inside the house. There was nothing for me there. For most days, I was alone and I was dying to get some action in my life. I was like a living dead person.

And so then, I went to the mall to kill time. I like being in the mall. There’s a lot of stuff to check out but its amusement factor does not really last long. After a week, I’ve probably been everywhere inside this mall. Although, there’s a place in the mall I never get tired of going to.

It’s got a park just behind it. A lot of people stay there. Sitting on benches, laughing with friends, or just reading books.

It’s seeing groups of friends there. I wonder how it would be like to have friends. I mean, I have friends but they’re just not the kind I’d spend so much time outside of school and there isn’t really a lot of kids my age around the block. They’re either too old or to young to hang out with. Imagine a 16-year-old guy watching Phineas and Ferb with 9-year-old kids or smoking weed and drinking beer with 20-year-old people. I just couldn’t find that set of humans I’ll hang out with around our neighborhood.

So, there I just sit on a bench on that park almost everyday. Reading a book or doing absolutely nothing. Although today, was surprisingly different.

I observe every group there is. There are some kids playing around but this park is usually where teenagers like me flock together like birds. Although I’m the only one who goes solo or unfortunately forced by no one to go solo but goes solo still.

Then something caught my eye. There’s a girl I’ve never seen here before. I kinda know the faces of everybody I’ve ever seen in this park. She wasn’t in my brain’s database. Although I didn’t realize that I’ve been staring at her for a long time already. A good 15 seconds probably.

Oh, God! She’s looking back at me. It’s very embarrassing. She might have thought I’m a creep or something. Then I realized that she’s cute. I tried to glance at her every now and then. I wanted to sit beside her and introduce myself but yeah, I’m not good with socialization.

All I wanted to do that moment was approach her and tell her how pretty she is. How I wanted to get to know her. How stellar she looked when the sun illuminates her being. Like she was being drowned by sunlight yet beauty shine through. This was just supposed to be a normal day for me. I was supposed to be bored, not be startled or whatever. I wanted to tell her that she kinda lit up a boring world. As if she brought life to this lifeless life. (If that even made sense) I wanted to tell her much but I never did say.

My tongue always gets in the way. As usual.

So I got up from the bench and I started to walk home. I simply suck at this.

HELLO!!!!! It’s been a long time since I updated this. I got some writings parked on drafts for months now. It’s a series and I think I’d start posting some already. Haha!

Nursing a broken heart

2 Weeks ago, I got my heart broken a day before Valentine’s. What a luck, huh? Well, it’s quite unfortunate. It’s quite a case of misinterpretations and misunderstandings.At least, it’s all over and it didn’t had to go that deep anymore. After all, it’s quite my fault. (As usual)

Good thing I talked to someone else first. I avoided confronting her with any of this. As you know, I hate live confrontations (and cyber ones too, that is). 

Then it happened, we were booked for 3 days in a hotel from Valentine’s til the weekend in Tagaytay. I wasn’t supposed to come but being heart broken happened and something else too so I was able to do so.

I thought to myself, "Uy! Sakto! Parang ‘nursing a broken heart’ lang." I also get to spend time with family too.

Well, it was a really great experience. I enjoyed the hotel because it wasn’t a traditional hotel and we stayed in lofted unit. Haha! I also got to spend a short drinking time with my best friend because she was also in tagaytay. I njoyed the hotel’s pool, sky ranch, and the almost endless pigging out.

What a way to pamper this broken heart. Haha.

I recommend you try Hotel Dominique in Tagaytay too. What a really nice hotel. :)

Here are some pictures from Tagaytay! Enjoy! :)

Happy Chinese New Year 2014

I went to see the Chinese New Year festivities yesterday in Binondo. Went there with a good friend and had a great time walking around. I got to shoot pictures too.

It was a great experience! I got to see more of our Chinese brother and sisters’ way of Celebrating the Lunar New Year.

I used winter (a Nikon D3100) equipped with his 18-55mm kit lens. I just wanted to experience the Chinese New year and try to improve my photography skills. :)

Here are some of the Unaltered and Unedited Pictures from Yesterday. Enjoy!

And of course, I get to have my vanity too.